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Mensaje publicado por: Frank Imasogie, en Enero 08 de 2014
Título: Re: compro cocobolo (dalbergia retusa) en mex
En respuesta a: Re: compro cocobolo (dalbergia retusa) en mex enviado por Valentin Dasilva en Diciembre 30 de 2013


Please you will be required to submit samples for me to see, which is a small enough size 10CMX10CM long- 20CM , three piece, via air car go any faster because I want to be instant. How many I bought .
Details and sizes as follows: 20X20CM length from 170CM. More detailed measurements Cubic Meter profoundly different to any other product 1Cubic Meter must weigh no less than 1350 kg and provide with also with the correct price for it.

We will also prepare transportation for people that would have to travel to inspect the goods before importation Connecticut Tanner. And we are willing to pay the first installment of the cash was not a problem. If the samples match the wholesale products we need. Vendors must submit a letter of application . To us in the amount of at least 5 people to enable us procure a travel visa to come over to inspect this product.

Let me know if this can be possible so that we can proceed immediately as we are going to buy a very large quatity as soon as we have been able to confirm and get every sample that we need.

But as for our specification our client wants to know if you would be able to meet with this specification.

Please for the 20X20CM length from 170CM measurement 1Cubic Meter must weigh no less than 1350 kg and we need to know how much you will be selling for my client.

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